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Welcome to Avanti Finance Limited

Do you need a loan to buy a car, pay for a holiday or home renovations, or to consolidate debt?  We can help!

100% New Zealand owned, Avanti Finance has been providing New Zealanders with flexible financial solutions for their everyday needs, for over 20 years

Our experienced lending team take the time to understand what your financial needs are,
before offering a solution that best suits you.

Loan amount
From $300 to $300,000

Interest rate and loan term
Our interest rates range upwards from 12.95%, with loan terms of up to 5 years.  Both the rate and term are set, based on the credit profile of the customer and the security provided.

How to apply for a loan
Apply now by taking 5 minutes to complete our one page online application form.  Within 4 hours of receiving your application one of our experienced lending team will be in touch

Response time
You can expect us to contact you within 4 hours of submitting an
online application.

What happens once the loan is approved?
Once your loan is approved, you can either come into our Auckland office to sign the documentation or we can simply email the documents to you for signing up in front of an authorised witness.

Personal Loan: For those unexpected bills, car repairs, weddings, funerals, debt consolidation, the reasons are endless.  Visit our personal loans page for more information or apply online now.

Car Loan: You can be pre-approved for a car loan, buy it privately or from an auction or registered motor vehicle dealer.  Visit our car loans page for more information or apply online now

Home Owner Loan:  
If you are a home owner and you need access to additional finance, whether it be for business or personal use, Avanti Finance can help you with a tailored financial solution that you can apply for in just 5 minutes.  Visit our home owner loans page for more information or apply online now.

Talk to your broker to find out more, or should you wish to discuss your financial needs with us directly, we can be contacted using one of the methods below:

Phone: 0800 808 003

Avanti Finance Limited Normal lending criteria will apply on all approvals.


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