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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for an Avanti Finance loan through a finance broker, dealer or mortgage adviser, or directly with us. It takes less than five minutes to apply online and we’ll get back to you within 2 to 24 hours, depending on the time of day you apply.

We don’t have a single rule. We see you as an individual and look at your overall situation.

In most cases you’ll have a response within 2 to 24 hours, depending on the time of day you applied. If it’s more urgent please let us know and we’ll do our best to get back to you sooner.

If you’ve applied for a loan directly with us and your loan application has been approved, you can drop into our Auckland office to sign the documents. It takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively we can simply email or courier them to you, so you can sign up in front of a suitable witness who will verify your ID, and send them back to us.

If you have applied through your dealer or broker, this process will be organised by them.

We also offer an electronic signing option via mobile, laptop or pc without you having to travel. This would require you to supply us with electronic bank statements through a link we’ll forward you and confirmation of your ID via electronic identity verification. This option is subject to meeting all the requirements of electronic signing.

We do a credit check on everyone who applies for a loan. If you have missed any large payments in the past, we’ll talk with you about why they occurred. We might need to see evidence that you’re repaying them or we might need you to repay them in full if we lend to you. If your reasons for missing the large payments are genuine we’ll look at finding a suitable solution for you. We like to look at each application on its own merits, so please phone us and discuss.

Yes. You just need to provide us with a copy of your driver’s licence and evidence of your income. We’ll ask you about your current income and expenses to work out a repayment you can afford. If we’re able to approve a loan for you we’ll give you a guide to the vehicle types and maximum price you can shop for.

Yes. We treat this the same as buying from a dealer.

Yes, you can cancel your contract if you change your mind about the loan. If you want to cancel your contract you must do so within 5 working days if disclosure documents were handed to you directly, within 7 working days if they were sent to you by electronic means (e.g. email) and within 9 working days if they were posted to you.

To cancel, you must give us written notice of your intention to cancel. You can do this in person, by email or by post. You must also return the loan when you cancel your contract. Any reasonable expenses incurred may be payable.

We often use vehicles and/or property as security. However in some cases dependent on your overall profile and how much you are applying for we may not require security. Our team will assess your application on its merits and advise if security is required.

Please talk with us if you are thinking of selling or refinancing a property which is used as security for your loan. We might need you to repay the loan in full from the sale of the property or provide another suitable security. We can often transfer the security to another property.

You can, if you discuss this with us first. You’ll need to repay the loan in full or provide another suitable security. If you’re selling your car to buy another one, we can help by considering a loan application to finance the new purchase. Please phone our lending team today on 09 914 1090 or 0800 003 111.

Your loan repayments will depend on how much you borrow and for how long. The frequency of repayments will be matched to your income; weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our minimum weekly repayment is $20. Take a look at our calculator to work out your repayments.

If you’ve missed a payment we encourage you to get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can work together to find an alternative payment arrangement. If you’d like to talk to someone about a missed payment, call us on 0800 808 003.

If you are having difficulty making a payment please phone our customer services team. We’re more than happy to talk this through and work with you to decide on a suitable payment arrangement. Remember to explain why you can’t make your payments. If you took out payment protection insurance with your loan it might cover your payments.

You may be able to make a Hardship application if you have suffered unforeseen hardship. If you meet the criteria, we may be able to make changes to your payments to meet your changed circumstances.

If you default on your loan payments you will incur default interest and fees. It may also affect your credit rating. If your loan is in default and is secured by a vehicle or property enforcement action may be taken against them.

If you’re struggling to meet your loan repayments, we encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can work out a plan that works for you and meets your debt obligations.

You must make your application to us in writing explaining your reason for hardship and outlining a proposed payment plan. If we require further information we will ask for it within 10 working days. We will advise you of the outcome within 20 working days of receiving your application, or within 10 working days of receiving the further information we have asked for, whichever is later. You can email us your application and any supporting information to hardship@avantifinance.co.nz.

You should notify us of your new address as soon as possible if you are an existing customer and you change your address. You can contact our Customer Service Team in the following ways:

Complete the ‘Update My Details’ form on our Existing Customers page
Phone: 0800 808 065 or 09 571 0720
Email: customer.service@avantifinance.co.nz
Post: Avanti Finance Limited
Private Bag 11 917
Auckland 1542

There are free and independent budgeting services that are available to help you assess your finances and may be able to assist you to work out a payment plan. There are plenty of budgeting tools and resources available at www.sorted.org.nz. If you prefer to speak to someone to receive free budgeting advice, visit https://www.moneytalks.co.nz/ or call 0800 345 123.

Avanti Finance uses two credit reporting agencies to look up an applicant’s credit score. We use them to help us assess applications for credit, check and verify an applicant’s identify and to provide information about loan management during the term of a loan with us.

You can find more information about the agencies we use by visiting them at:

Equifax – https://www.equifax.co.nz

Illion – https://www.illion.co.nz/

There are three main ways to access your credit score:

  1. Credit Simple, provided by illion. This is a free online portal and dashboard that provides your score after signing up.
  2. My Credit File, provided by Equifax. Getting your credit report is free with a wait time of up to 10 days.
  3. Centrix provides credit reports directly with a 5-10 day wait time.

These tools are free. You don’t need to pay to get your score.

Avanti Finance works with a number of reputable collections agencies across Australia and New Zealand. You can find a full list of their contact details and operations areas here.

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