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Guaranteed Asset Protection

If you got a loan to buy your vehicle and it’s damaged beyond repair in an accident, your car insurance might not cover what’s left on your loan. This is a really annoying situation, because not only are you without wheels, you also have to pay off whatever the insurance didn’t cover and this may also make it difficult to finance a replacement vehicle. That’s where guaranteed asset protection (GAP) can help.

Reasons to get our guaranteed asset protection

  • Pay off the remaining balance of your loan if your car insurance doesn’t cover it
  • Avoid having to pay money for something you no longer have
  • Protect your credit rating by repaying the loan in full
  • Improve your chances of getting a loan for a replacement vehicle
  • Get back on the road sooner

For the full terms, conditions and benefits, please refer to the policy booklet.

I needed funds to help my son relocate and Avanti were the best. Down the track I lost my job but the insurance protection came in and whilst there were arrears when I regained employment Avanti quickly found a solution. Magic people.
We needed some emergency funds on an overseas trip. Due to a cancelled flight my husband was away from my daughter and I in two separate European countries, and the quick loan helped us get back home during that extremely stressful period.
Avanti was the only place willing to give me the loan I needed to be able to get my computer so I could finish my final years of study.
Avanti Finance helped us get a car to fit our whole family. We love our 7 seater to fit our 4 boys!
A company that goes above and beyond and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing finance. I have had pleasant people over the phone and also very fast replies via email. Impressed.
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