Loans for home owners

Is there a project on your horizon? Maybe you have an unexpected large bill that needs to be paid quickly? 


If you own a property, getting a loan from Avanti Finance can be a quick and easy solution to a financial problem. And because you own a home, we can offer greater benefits and more flexibility.


We can also provide protection for your loan, so that you have financial back-up if you lose your job, get sick or have an accident. The cost for payment protection insurance can simply be built into your regular repayments.


Reasons to get an Avanti Finance home owner’s loan

  • Improving your home with renovations or an extension
  • Bridging finance or consolidating debt
  • Establishing a payment history to improve your credit profile
  • Paying tax bills 
  • Cost overruns on a building project
  • First mortgage finance
  • Other personal or business expenses


What you need to know

  • You need to be a property owner
  • You’ll get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ within 4 hours



Avanti Finance lending criteria and conditions apply.

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