Private Motor Vehicle Insurance

It can happen so easily. You get caught in a nose-to-tail on the motorway. Your car is not where you left it. A stone cracks your windscreen. Our insurance lets you enjoy your car, without the worry of how you’d cope financially if something happened to it.

Reasons to get our motor vehicle insurance:

  • It comes from Autosure, one of New Zealand’s leading vehicle insurance companies
  • There’s no stand-down period, so you’re covered from day one
  • The policy is straightforward and easy to understand
  • You get comprehensive cover
  • It’ll help pay for the repairs and get you on the road again
  • Protect you and your family from financial hardship if your vehicle is damaged or stolen


For the full terms, conditions and benefits, please contact us.



Avanti Finance lending criteria and conditions apply.


We generally require vehicle and/or property security. In addition, our loan agreements contain a general security clause which gives us security over your, and your guarantor’s, presently owned property and contain an agreement to mortgage land.

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