Guaranteed asset protection

If you got a loan to buy your vehicle and it’s damaged beyond repair in an accident, your car insurance might not cover what’s left on your loan. This is a really annoying situation, because not only are you without wheels, you also have to pay off whatever the insurance didn’t cover and this may also make it difficult to finance a replacement vehicle. That’s where guaranteed asset protection (GAP) can help.


Reasons to get our guaranteed asset protection

  • Pay off the remaining balance of your loan if your car insurance doesn’t cover it
  • Avoid having to pay money for something you no longer have
  • Protect your credit rating by repaying the loan in full
  • Improve your chances of getting a loan for a replacement vehicle
  • Get back on the road sooner


For the full terms, conditions and benefits, please refer to the policy booklet.



Avanti Finance lending criteria and conditions apply.


We generally require vehicle and/or property security. In addition, our loan agreements contain a general security clause which gives us security over your, and your guarantor’s, presently owned property and contain an agreement to mortgage land.

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