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Personal loans

Get the low down on personal loans, so you can borrow wisely.

Personal Loan Guide
Applying or thinking about applying for a personal loan for the first time? Before you get started, get to know more about the requirements, options and process of a personal loan that will help you make the right decision. CONTENTS 1. What is a personal loan? The different types of personal loan How much you can [...]
How to get a personal loan while self-employed
If you’re self-employed or a small business owner in New Zealand, getting a personal loan can be challenging. Banks need lots of proof of income for their loan processes, so if your pay changes, a bank loan can be hard to get. Fortunately, there are other options for finance. Here’s what you need [...]
Personal Loan Guarantors 101
As part of your loan application, a lender might ask you to provide a ‘guarantor’. If you’re wondering what that is, why you need one and who can act as one, you’ve come to the right place. CONTENTS What is a guarantor? What are the benefits of having a guarantor? Who can be [...]
Should you get a personal loan through a broker?
Go direct or go to a broker. Those are your two basic options when you’re looking for a loan. But what’s the difference, and why does it matter? WHAT DOES “GOING DIRECT” MEAN? ‘Going direct’ is the traditional way of getting a loan. You go to the bank, in person or online, and [...]
What’s a good credit score and why does it matter?
Heard someone mention a credit score and wondering what it means and how it affects your ability to obtain credit? Read on for a guide to what you need to know about credit scores. Read more: Fixed vs floating interest: what’s the difference? SUMMARY OF CREDIT SCORES AND CREDIT REPORTS A credit score is [...]
Joint personal loans: what you need to know
A joint personal loan has many benefits over an individual application, but there are risks to consider as well. We’ve broken down what you need to know in this quick guide. WHAT IS A JOINT APPLICATION PERSONAL LOAN? A joint personal loan is just like a regular personal loan, but two (or more) people [...]
Bad credit? A finance broker could help
Bad credit – it happens. But a few past mistakes don’t have to stop you from getting a loan now. Here’s how working with a broker could help ease your way with a bad credit loan.   Read more: Should you get a personal loan through a broker? WHAT IS A FINANCE BROKER? A [...]
Should you go to a non-bank for a personal loan?
The banks aren’t the only ones able to provide personal loans. Finance companies, credit unions and independent lenders are all considered ‘non-bank lenders’ and can provide many (if not all) of the same kinds of loans that the major banks can. But non-banks aren’t just “lite” versions of banks. They offer several unique [...]
Personal Loan vs Credit Card
Credits cards and personal loans both get you extra cash when you need it, but which is ‘better’? The answer might be less obvious than you think. Here’s our breakdown. Read more: The Avanti Finance Personal Loan Guide: Everything you need to know about receiving, spending and repaying personal loans. PERSONAL LOAN   How [...]
What is an unsecured personal loan?
Mortgages, car loans, fixed-rate and interest-only – with so many terms being thrown around, it can be confusing as to what a ‘loan’ actually involves. To begin clearing things up, we’re taking a look at one of the most common loans we provide: the unsecured personal loan. Read More: The Avanti Finance Personal Loan Guide, [...]


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