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Learn the ins and outs of car loans with our helpful articles below.

What to do if your vehicle is damaged in a flood or storm?
If the flooding and the cyclone has caused significant damage to your vehicle, here are some steps you can take. 1. If your vehicle has suffered water damage, do not start the car Do not attempt to turn the ignition on and drive it, as it could cause further damage. Disconnect the battery to prevent any [...]
Can you get a car loan for a private sale?
Short answer: Yes, you can get a car loan for a private sale! There are just one or two differences compared to buying from a dealer, but the process is largely the same. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CAR LOAN FOR A PRIVATE SALE AND A CAR LOAN FOR A DEALERSHIP SALE? If you [...]
What are your options for financing a car in New Zealand?
When paying cash for a car isn’t an option, many Kiwis turn to car loans instead. But it isn’t as simple as just ‘getting a loan’ – there are plenty of choices for vehicle finance, each with their own pros and cons. Here’s the breakdown: BANK LOANS All of the major New Zealand [...]
Can you sell a financed vehicle?
It’s time to sell your car but there’s still some money owing on the loan. Can you still sell it? The answer is yes – but there are a few steps you may have to take first with your lender. QUESTION 1: IS THE CAR HELD AS SECURITY FOR THE LOAN? Your car loan will [...]
What’s a good credit score and why does it matter?
Heard someone mention a credit score and wondering what it means and how it affects your ability to obtain credit? Read on for a guide to what you need to know about credit scores. Read more: Fixed vs floating interest: what’s the difference? SUMMARY OF CREDIT SCORES AND CREDIT REPORTS A credit score is [...]
Bad credit? A finance broker could help
Bad credit – it happens. But a few past mistakes don’t have to stop you from getting a loan now. Here’s how working with a broker could help ease your way with a bad credit loan.   Read more: Should you get a personal loan through a broker? WHAT IS A FINANCE BROKER? A [...]
How can a credit score affect your car loan?
Your credit score may affect your chances of a successful car loan application – but how does this ‘magic number’ actually work and why does it matter? We’re pulling back the curtain. Here’s how you can use your credit score can influence your ability to get behind the wheel of your dream car, sooner. &[...]
Vehicle lease versus loan: what’s right for you?
Lease or loan? Leasing or buying a car with a loan are two of the most popular ways to get a new vehicle in New Zealand. Which is best for you? Here’s what you need to know.   Read more: What are your options for financing a car in New Zealand?   WHAT’S [...]


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