Planning a Wedding on a Budget: A Perfect Day That Won’t Break the Bank


Many people spend their entire single life looking forward to their wedding day – but they don’t look forward to the bill at the end! Fortunately, you can find plenty of ways to cut costs when planning a wedding on a budget. In this article, we share some ideas on saving money without sacrificing on the experience.

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As with all big spending, you must start with a budget. Whether you’ve saved up or have taken out a loan for a wedding, start by picking your top priorities—the areas that are most important to your dream wedding day. The top things to consider in your budget likely include the wedding dress, venue, and food and drink, alongside whatever other elements you consider the most important. Don’t fall into the trap of following pricey wedding trends when they’re not particularly important to you.

Once you’ve budgeted for your essentials, it’s a good idea to set aside an emergency fund, just in case something goes wrong before the big day. A damaged dress, a suit that doesn’t fit and needs emergency tailoring, a caterer falls through – you get the picture.

From there, you can start allocating cash to the less important aspects of your wedding. Remember, ‘important’ and ‘not important’ will be different for everyone.

There's no wavering once you’ve set your budget. If you’re working with vendors, you should be clear with your budget from the start. Pick what’s important to you and skip what you can do without. After all, it’s your day. Why spend money on things you don’t want?



One of the best cost-cutting tricks is cutting the invite list. Small and intimate weddings are a growing trend amid a global pandemic and provide the chance to focus on quality over quantity. This means that you can shift your budget to the areas important to you, creating a memorable event for you and your loved ones.

Stick to family and close friends. You don’t need a room full of hundreds of people to enjoy your wedding. Smaller, intimate weddings often feel more magical compared to larger, flashier weddings.



Weddings have become less traditional as time goes on and that includes the reception venue. Some may still dream of the large, beautiful event space but more couples are choosing more affordable venues, such as community halls, backyards, or even the beach. These venues allow you to cut costs while creating an intimate and magical experience for your guests.

With endless options, starting at $0.00 using your own home, an affordable wedding venue could save an enormous chunk of the budget, giving you more space to invite more people or to splash out on other aspects of the wedding that you think are most important.

If you do opt for a more traditional venue, consider skipping the open bar, which can really stack up the costs. Check with your venue if you can provide your own refreshments. Also, purchasing in bulk ahead of time will often get you a lower price than an open bar.



It might feel odd getting married on a weekday, but it can potentially save you thousands! If you’re getting married at a venue, the price will likely be much higher on weekends. Not only is weekday pricing typically easier on the wallet, but it’s also more likely that the vendors you want will be available too.

Booking a wedding date between April and September, months that sit outside of the wedding season, is a clever way to nab your dream venue at a more affordable price. These months still offer ample opportunity for a beautiful and comfortable ceremony. Can you imagine wearing a full suit or wedding gown in the summer heat?



Organising music for your ceremony and reception doesn't have to mean hiring a live band. Consider asking a friend to DJ. Perhaps a talented family member could sing, or your high school band could reunite!

The same goes for things like your cake; is it necessary to purchase one or could you or your family make one just as good? There are so many ways that your friends and family can come together, highlight their talents, and contribute to what will likely feel like a magical, intimate wedding.



A wedding is often the most expensive party you can throw but understanding some of these cost-cutting considerations can help you stay below the budget. If you need an extra helping hand, we offer personal loans to Kiwis that can help you transform your dream wedding into a reality.

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