Keeping Your Road Trip Affordable

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to get away from the stress of the city and explore the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. While the costs of a memorable holiday can add up, it doesn’t have to be too much for you. Maybe you’ve got a personal loan to pay off, or you’re saving for a house – you don’t need to let it get in the way of your holiday. In this blog post, we share some helpful things to consider when travelling on a budget.


Whether it’s with your friends, family, partner, or even yourself, Mother Nature has a lot to offer, and often with no cost at all! NZ Pocket Guide highlights the natural beauty that surrounds Taupo. From a dip in the lake to the stunning walkways around the Waikato Rapids and Huka Falls, there are incredible sites to soak in at every turn. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the area without spending a cent.

Walkways and beautiful hiking tracks can be found all throughout the country, making for the perfect day trip for a cheap NZ holiday. With international travel at a halt (at the time of writing), there has never been a better time to explore your own home.



According to MoaTrek, the average cost of eating out in New Zealand can be anywhere between $12-$20 per person, with dinner pushing that number to $30-$50. Add lunch into the mix, and your food budget is just through the roof.

You don’t need to eat out every night—find the local supermarket for a more affordable meal. This immediately makes your holiday a lot cheaper, and you can still whip up some delicious treats.

If you must eat out often, MoaTrek continues to highlight the low prices of international cuisine in New Zealand. If you’re on a road trip visiting some of NZ’s best hot spots, enjoy some delicious Asian cuisine, or save some extra cash with the classic Kiwi fish and chips—delicious and cheap.



Planning your holiday in advance increases the chance of finding a good deal. Do your research. If you want to go bungy jumping, planning ahead will give you the opportunity to find the lowest price or family voucher.

The Road Trip Expert emphasises the importance of planning your route ahead of time. Avoiding unnecessary detours or wrong turns can save you a lot on gas. Booking accommodation in advance allows you to compare your options and find the cheapest available to give you a better idea of your overall spending budget. Comparing the costs of multiple accommodation options will give you an idea of the general cost in the area, making it easier to find a good deal—unpowered campsites make the cheapest option.



With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your road trip knowing that you won’t be spending money where you don’t need to. New Zealand has an unlimited number of beautiful places to see, so get out and explore them all!



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