Christmas on a Budget: Activities


Having fun at Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Below you’ll find a heap of budget-friendly ideas to entertain friends, family and whanau of all ages. Plus some of these activities will save you money by making your own decorations, food and gifts.

Click on the links to find tutorials to guide you and examples to inspire your own activities.


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Being Crafty

  • Make an advent calendar (Link)
  • Make a Christmas centrepiece (Link)
  • Make Christmas cards (Link)
  • Make tree decorations (Link)
  • Bake cookies or other treats (Link) Or (Link)
  • Make some DIY gifts (Link)
  • Make a wreath (Link)

Spreading Good Cheer

  • Video chat with friends and family who can’t be with you (Link)
  • Make a holiday greeting video instead of a card (Link)
  • Take a silly Christmas photo to send around (Link)

Presence, not Presents



  • Head out to see Christmas decorations around the neighbourhood (Try here if you’re in Auckland: Link)
  • Head to the beach (Link)
  • Go to a local swimming pool (free for under-16s!) (Link)
  • Go on a family walk; try the Botanic Gardens or go berrypicking
  • Have a picnic at the park (Link)



  • Volunteer at a local mission (Link)
  • Check your council site for local events (Link)
  • Go to Coca Cola Christmas in the Park (Link)
  • See if there are any free movie nights (such as Silo Park in Auckland)
  • Experience local Christmas markets (Link)
  • Or check out any of the other events in your local area.

You and the whanau don’t have to miss out on Christmas activities just because you’re on a budget. And remember, these are just a few suggestions - there’ll be plenty more if you put your and the family’s minds to it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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