Need a boost over Christmas? A working capital loan could be the right move

The Christmas break is different for every business. For some, it’s their busiest time of year, for others it’s time to wind down: get those last orders in, sort out those last gifts for clients, and, of course, chase up those last remaining invoices. Then, it’s time for some well-deserved time off.

But whether you’re gearing up or winding down, it’s common to find yourself in need of a capital boost (or cash injection).

For those who want to take advantage of the huge influx of Christmas sales, you may need funds to:

  • Hire temporary staff
  • Order extra stock
  • Purchase or lease new equipment to cope with the rush.

And for those businesses shutting up shop, you may need some extra cash to:

  • Cover commercial rent over the slow period
  • Pay salaries without new work coming in
  • Keep things ticking over while you chase outstanding invoices.

Take the stress out of Christmas

Businesses may be able to get a cash injection through a working capital loan: a specialist business loan designed to help you ramp up activities and take advantage of Christmas opportunities, or cover costs over your business shutdown – so your Christmas break can be restful, not stressful.

If you are heading towards the end of the year, or any other seasonal periods for your business and need some extra cash flow, speak to us about a working capital loan. Call us on 0508 438 227 or make an online enquiry today.

 Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

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