Bad credit? A finance broker could help


Bad credit - it happens. But a few past mistakes don’t have to stop you from getting a loan now. Here’s how working with a broker could help ease your way with a bad credit loan.


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A finance broker’s job is to link you up with the lender and loan that is right for you.

There are lots of different kinds of brokers, including:

  • Finance brokers for personal loans or vehicle loans
  • Mortgage brokers for home loans
  • Dealers for vehicle loans
  • Business finance brokers for (you guessed it) business loans.

The only difference is the product that they specialise in. If you have bad credit and are looking for a home loan, for example, it’d be best to go to a mortgage broker.

You may also see them referred to as ‘advisers’. Brokers and advisers are similar, though advisers can give advice on where you can get a loan and the best way to structure your loan.


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One of the most frustrating things about looking for a loan if you have bad credit is having to apply over and over and over to lots of different lenders, only to get a rejection after they do a credit check.

Every responsible lender will take your circumstances into account when considering a loan application. That includes any ‘adverse lending history’ AKA ‘bad credit’. The difference is what each lender considers to be a dealbreaker.

Some lenders have very strict criteria. Missed payments and defaults in your recent lending history could mean a rejected loan application.

Other lenders may take a different approach and are more focused on your ability to repay the loan going forward. They may accept a loan application from someone with a bad credit history as long as there’s a good explanation.

The difficulty is knowing which lender’s approach best suits you.   That’s where an adviser can help.

An adviser saves you time and energy by:

  • Handling the applications for you
  • Applying to the lenders who are more understanding
  • Providing advice on how to best structure your bad credit loan

In other words, they do most of the work for you!

All you have to do is provide some information (including an explanation of the reasons for the bad credit), and they handle the rest. Just one set of forms and, depending on the broker you go through, their services may be free. Brokers will (in some cases) get paid a commission by the lender they set you up with.



If you have bad credit and are having trouble getting a loan, a finance broker may be able to set you up with a lender who can help when others can’t. It’s simple, and all it takes to get set up is a few forms. Easy as.

If you’re looking for a bad credit loan, ask your local finance broker about your options with Avanti Finance.

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