8 free activities for bored kids stuck indoors

“But I’m booored”: the cry that puts the fear into any parent with a child that’s stuck indoors. Keep the tamariki entertained with these 8 free activities available with just a couple of clicks.



Who says a bedtime story strictly has to be at bedtime? Audible has recently released a huge selection of free child-appropriate audiobooks, perfect for avid readers and fiction fanatics. And don’t worry about having to download an app – all of the stories play right there in the browser, on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Why let the kids have all the fun? Consider booking in a group listening session so the whole family can enjoy the tales together.

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Kids – they just love to move. But rather than chasing them away from bouncing on the sofa, running around corridors and generally causing mayhem, direct that energy into something a little more structured. Les Mills has released a set of 15 free exercise classes specifically designed for kids, including our personal favourite “Move Like The Avengers”!

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Got a curious kid who can’t get enough knowledge? Mystery Science, a mainstay of educators all over the world, has recently released a set of their most popular science lessons for free during school closures. But don’t let the word “lesson” fool you: this isn’t your average science period. Topics include “were dragons ever real?” and “why do we get hiccups?”: there might even be a few answers in there that parents are curious to know as well.

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Coding has become one of the most important ‘languages’ for children to learn in the modern day. But where do you start with something that seems so complicated? For older kids, begin with the appropriately named ‘Hour of Code’ that takes kids from bare basics to simple programs. For younger ones, try Scratch Junior instead.

Get started with Hour of Code.

Get started with Scratch Junior.



Kids got itchy hands? Give them something to do with them! There are plenty of resources out there for at-home crafts, but the Pawprint Family has some of the best of them with some seriously out-there suggestions for the kids who’ve already “done that already”.

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Virtual tours: it might not be ‘outside’, but it’s the next best thing. You’ll find heaps of digital tramps and adventures online, including dives with sea lionsroller coaster rides and even trips to space. Whether your preference is education or entertainment (or, more likely, a bit of both), there’ll be a suitable virtual tour out there somewhere.

Here’s a great list to get started.



Sometimes the traditional indoor activities are the best ones. Colouring between the lines is a great way to develop a sense of colour and artistic coordination, and provides endless pieces of work to proudly display on the fridge. But modern technology does still help here as well, providing printable colouring or, for the more digitally inclined, online colouring-in activities.



You know a great way to make being indoors better? Being indoors with the smell of cookies in the air. Teaching kids to cook is a great way to give them some seriously useful life skills and get some sweet treats out of the bargain too.

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