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Fixed vs floating interest: what's the...

Is it better to be fixed or floating? Our CEO, Mark Mountcastle, explains.

How to get a loan while...

If you’re self-employed or a small business owner in New Zealand, getting a loan can be challenging - but not impossible. Avanti Finance Head of Commercial Robin Hopkins explains.

Should you get a personal loan...

Go direct or go to a broker. Those are your two basic options when you’re looking for a loan.

4 tips for cheaper, healthier grocery...

Maintaining a balance between healthy nutrition and a healthy bank balance is a challenge, but it’s not impossible if you know the right tricks.

How can I pay less interest?

If you've ever wondered “how can I pay less interest?”, then read this article.

Enjoying summer on a budget

Here are some fun activities you can do with your children this summer that won’t break the bank.

This Christmas, give time

With the Christmas festive season soon to be upon us, it’s a good time to think about Presents vs Presence.

The connection between mental health and...

The relationship between mental health and finances.

Tips to make your pay last

Make your money last till your next payday.

When debt doesn't make sense

Sometimes debt is unavoidable, but occasionally we take on debt even when we really shouldn't.